Registry of Cranes Operations Resources Database

iReCORDs is a national database set up by Singapore Cranes Association(SCA), with the support of WSH Council, MOM and SPRING Singapore to track the crane operator’s experience level and their safety track record.

The iReCORDs is accessible online which allows SCA’s stakeholders the ability to view operators profile online; individuals the ability to review their own training history; and employers access to current and future employees’ training and assessment history with recognized Accredited Training Provider(ATP).

With this database, Employers would be able to select the candidate needed to operate a similar tonnage of crane based on crane operators’ experience and training received. This registry will serve as continual training program to ensure that crane operators are adequately trained and continue to maintain good safety record.


  • Easy Access for Employers to Crane Operators Profile
  • Recognition & Improved Employability of Crane Operators
  • Improved Safety & Productivity with Certified Operators
  • Portability & Traceability of Operator Training Records
  • Expiry Reminder for Licenses and Certification
  • Validation of Operator Profiles
  • Better and Faster Decision Making for Stakeholders

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