EVENTS : iRECORD industry engagement @ SAMSUNG C&T “Safety Partners’ Day” on 21st March 2018

Singapore Cranes Association showcased our iRECORD program to the Samsung’s management, partners and industry players on the 21st March 2018, at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. It was a day of great networking and engagement with the construction industry members.

It was an opportunity to introduce iRECORD program to the main construction companies and share the importance of the safety standards required among the cranes’ lifting professionals to the stakeholders, as it also concerns their stringent care for their workers at the construction work-sites. Industry members were also encouraged to pledge their support for the iRECORD program, with actionable support by assisting to put up our iRECORD posters at their construction worksites and office premises, as well as the lending corporate logo support onto our official iRECORD website pages.



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