INDUSTRY NEWS : Company fined S$290,000 over numerous and glaring oversights that resulted in the death of worker.

Construction company ZAP Piling has been fined S$290,000 over _numerous and glaring oversights_ that resulted in the death of a worker in 2016, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said on Friday (May 4).

Mr Arumugam Elango died after he was pinned by piling casings weighing 1.76 tonnes each. (Photo: Manpower Ministry)

The worker, Arumugam Elango, died after he was pinned against the tracks of a piling machine by piling casings weighing 1.76 tonnes each. The casings had toppled off a stack that was struck by a boring bucket being lifted by a crane.

He was pronounced dead at the scene due to multiple injuries.

(Source: Manpower Ministry)

The accident took place on Jun 9, 2016, at a machinery storage yard at 6 Kranji Link. MOM investigations found that the company had failed to conduct a risk assessment or establish appropriate safety procedures for the work being done. ZAP Piling had also failed to apply for the necessary permits required for lifting operations, the ministry said.

Proper housekeeping arrangements were also not in place, such as setting up effective supporting structures to ensure that the heavy casings are stabilised to prevent their collapse, it added.

(Source: Manpower Ministry)

“The risk of a load coming into contact with the casings in the tight and congested premises was high and it was foreseeable that there can be accidental dislodgement,” MOM said. Mr Sebastian Tan, the ministry’s director of occupational safety and health inspectorate, said ZAP Piling had failed to address the “obvious risks” in the lifting works. “The company’s numerous and glaring oversights in ensuring their workers’ safety resulted in a loss of life. A heavy fine was sought to remind employers not to blatantly disregard the safety of their workers,” he said.

Source: CNA/cy

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