Subscription packages

iRECORD is currently FREE for all to download (PC or mobile version) and try it out with no obligations! This free trial service period is part of the industry’s system adoption phase which is slated to end by 31st March 2018, after which all plans will be available for registration on a 30 days free-trial, followed by automatic paid subscription basis as per below fees table schedule. 

After the free trial period, crane companies or individuals (for crane operators) are encouraged to purchase the subscription packages which entitles them to utilize the iReCORD for:


  • Uploading/downloading of its own company/individual operators’ profiles and work experiences to ascertain employment standards and job employment opportunities;
  • Able to justify and showcase its workforce’s work experiences and validated profiles for securing better business opportunities and enhance one’s own corporate standings;
  • Able to verify and raise the working standards in promotion of the crane industry’s safety and employ-ability standards;
  • Limited viewing measures have been taken extensively in compliance to the PDPA regulations or poaching malpractices;
  • Governmental agencies and major construction companies (local & overseas) will be able to view and verify individual operators’ profiles online;
  • Integrity of crane operators’ profiles are validated by the Singapore Cranes Association.
  • The iReCORD program is supported by leading governmental agencies to nurture the industry toward raising local working safety standards and prepare useful propositions for overseas business opportunities, namely the WSH Council under M.O.M. and SPRING Singapore. 

The following subscription plans are available for purchase via eNETS upon registration on below links:

Platinum Platinum subscribers are able to upload/download 50 profiles 1500
Ordinary Ordinary subscribers are able to upload/download 20 profiles 800
Ad Hoc Ad Hoc subscribers are able to upload/download only 1 profile 50
 Individual (Crane operators only) iReCORD personal profile (1 profile as per operator’s NRIC) 50

Click on the link below to register as a user:


  • All prices listed are in Singapore Dollars.
  • All inquiries are welcome at email :